70W Stereo Amplifier with Direct Energy Design


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Product Description
Simplicity. Finesse. Performance.

The A-30 Direct Energy Design amplifiers with Symmetrical Construction offer class-leading, high quality sound, wrapped in understated, technical elegance.

The brushed aluminium front panel comes with polished-black, aluminium control knobs for Volume, Bass / Treble / Balance and Input Source adjustments, whilst a selection of blue LED buttons fine-tune Loudness, Speaker A/B, Power Amp Direct and confirm your choice of Input Source.

The rear panel is designed to meet the audio requirements of multiple systems and provide immediate connectivity to Aux-In, Network, Recorder, Power Amp Direct, Speaker A + B and ‘Source Direct Mode’ devices.

Exclusive to this mid-range model:

  • Symmetrical Construction
  • Clean Ground Construction
  • Power Amp Direct Mode
  • 5 tacticle keys including Power Amp Direct
  • A trans-stabiliser
  • 12 blue LED indicators
  • Motorised aluminium Volume Knob.

The A-30 is also available in Silver.


Audio Merkmale

  • 2 x 70 Watt (20-20.000 Hz, 4 Ohm)
  • Single El Transformator
  • Diskret aufgebaute vollsymmetrische Endstufe
  • Leistungsstarke Darlington Transistoren
  • Kurze Signalwege zu den Anschlussterminals
  • Kurze Signalwege von Elkos zu Endstufen
  • Getrennte, Massegekoppelte Kühlkörper für linken und rechten Kanal

Weitere Funktionen

  • Stabile Unterbaukonstruktion
  • Motorisch/Mechanischer Lautstärkeregler (Potentiometer)
  • Speaker A/B Schaltung
  • Getrennte Klangregler für Bass & Höhen
  • Power-Amp Direct Schaltung (Zur Nutzung als reine Endstufe)
  • Direct-Schaltung
  • Loudness Funktion
  • Aluminium Front
  • IR-Fernbedienung



  • 6x Audio Eingang (Stereo-Cinch)
  • 1x Audio Ausgang (Stereo-Cinch)
  • 1x Power Amp Direct (Stereo-Cinch)
  • 1x Speaker Terminals (A/B)

Anschlüsse Front

  • 1x Kopfhörer Klinke

Abmessungen / Gewicht

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 128 x 360 mm
  • Weight: 7.9 kg

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